At its heart Enjipai is a social enterprise that aims to empower Maasai women and their communities. The journey began in 2011 with our founder’s, dream of combining her love of Maasai culture, with her vision to empower the women from indigenous cultures with entrepreneurial and financial inclusion skills.

Enjipai offers a safe hub space to design, ideate and craft materials as well as offering training opportunities to its artisans to enhance their craftsmanship, entrepreneurship skills,as well as teach financial inclusion to enable them to be empowered and in turn share their gifts with the world.

Our female artisans are the creative backbone behind Enjipai. With each beautifully crafted item produced and purchased from Enjipai, our clients not only support our vision, but they help contribute towards building our Maasai communities, for the better.

About Founder.

Nasreen Karim is a Tanzanian Social Entrepreneur committed to the plight of empowerment of indigenous Maasai women. Her penchant for art led her to found Enjipai, a manifestation of her dream of sharing her love for Maasai art and jewellery with the world.

In 2011, Enjipai was launched with a small group of 15 Maasai women artisans in Dar es Salaam. Since its inception, Enjipai has empowered more than 1500 women across Tanzania and the world.